The Idea of a University

T. What is down? … Κατά … don't you recollect? Κατά. C. Κατά.

T. Well, then, what is a going down? Cat .. cat … C. Cat.…

T. Cata … C. Cata.…

T. Catabasis. C. Oh, of course, catabasis.

T. Now tell me what is the future of βαίνω? C. (thinks βανῶ. )

T. No, no; think again; you know better than that. C. (objects Φαίνω, Φανῶ? )

T. Certainly, Φανῶ is the future of Φαίνω; but βαίνω is, you know, an irregular verb. C. Oh, I recollect, βήσω.

T. Well, that is much better; but you are not quite right yet; βήσομαι. C. Oh, of course,.

T. βήσομαι. Now do you mean to say that βήσομαι comes from βαίνω? C. is silent.

T. For instance: τύψω comes from τύπτω by a change of letters; does βήσομαιin any similar way come from

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