The Idea of a University

T. What do you mean by “accessit”? C. It means it contributed to turn the scale; accessit, it was an addition to one side.

T. Well, it may mean so, but the words run, ad tollendam dubitationem. C. It was a great … it was a powerful help towards removing my hesitation … no … this was a powerful help, viz., your judgment and advice.

T. Well, what is the construction of “pondus” and “judicium”? C. Your advice came as a great weight.

T. Very well, go on. C. Nam et scripsisti aperte quid tibi videretur; for you distinctly wrote your opinion.

T. Now, what is the force of “nam”? C. pauses; then, It refers to “accessit” … it is an explanation of the fact, that Appius's opinion was a help.

T. “Et”; you omitted “et” … “et scripsisti.” C. It is one of two “ets”; et scripsisti, et Atticus.

T. Well, but why don't you construe it? C. Et

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