The Idea of a University

relative, as when we say such as for those who.

T. Well, but why do you use it here? What is the antecedent to “quod”? C. The sentence Dubitanti mihi, etc.

T. Still, construe “quod” literally. C. A thing which.

T. Where is a thing? C. It is understood.

T. Well, but put it in. C. Illud quod.

T. Is that right? what is the common phrase? C. is silent.

T. Did you ever see “illud quod” in that position? is it the phrase? C. is silent.

T. It is commonly “id quod,” isn't it? id quod. C. Oh, I recollect, id quod.

T. Well, which is more common, “quod,” or “id quod,” when the sentence is the antecedent? C. I think “id quod.”

T. At least it is far more distinct; yes, I think it is more common. What could you put instead of it? C.

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