The Prince and the Pauper

“I know not, good your worship. I saw the youth meddle with them—he that came for the boy.”

“Thousand deaths! ’Twas done to deceive me—’tis plain ’twas done to gain time. Hark ye! Was that youth alone?”

“All alone, your worship.”

“Art sure?”

“Sure, your worship.”

“Collect thy scattered wits—bethink thee—take time, man.”

After a moment’s thought, the servant said—

“When he came, none came with him; but now I remember me that as the two stepped into the throng of the Bridge, a ruffian-looking man plunged out from some near place; and just as he was joining them—”

“What then?—out with it!” thundered the impatient Hendon, interrupting.

“Just then the crowd lapped them up and closed

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