Under the Big Dipper

great effort he pulled himself together, and staring fixedly at his narrator, murmured thickly: “Why—why do you tell me of all these fearful things? What do you want from me?”

Count Rondell came to a stop at his desk and, laying his hands upon the back of the chair, said quietly:

“Mr. Morton, I am a doomed man. The doctor tells me I have, at best, but a very little while to live—and I feel he is right. I would not hesitate an instant to do what is my duty—but I know I cannot. My weak body will not obey my will. You are young, strong and resourceful. God has led you to this boat, led you to me in my hour of great need. Mr. Morton, I ask you, in the name of humanity, to rescue the girl from the fury of an insane populace—from the nameless horror that might be her fate—I ask you, my friend, to take my place and bring this girl safely out of Roumelia!”

He waved aside Morton’s protesting gesture and

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