Under the Big Dipper

continued with deep emotion but with impressive dignity:

“Pray—my dear sir—do not answer me now. Take it under consideration. In an hour, two hours if you wish, let me know your decision. Do not act on the spur of the moment.”

Morton could hardly restrain himself. He felt he could not wait. Rising nervously, he exclaimed, his voice filled with indignation:

“Count Rondell, this is not fair! Why do you come to me, a stranger, with so impossible, so absurd a proposition? What right have you to unload your burden upon a chance acquaintance and put the blame of a possible fearful fate of a young girl at my door—my door of all men? What do I know of kings and princes? What do I care? Why do you come to me with this? Much as I esteem you—much as I feel for you in your sorrow——”

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