Under the Big Dipper

The Count drew himself up proudly and placed his hand firmly upon Morton’s shoulder.

“I have asked myself those same questions many times during the last two hours, when I was seeking for a solution, looking for a ray of hope in my despair. I came to you, sir, because I must do all that I can do—and there is not a soul to whom I can appeal or who can do what I ask, but you! I can hold out no inducements to you. I know not if glory or money means anything to you. Honors I cannot offer, for I have fallen from my proud position by the very events that have brought me pleading to you. Riches I have none—my property has been confiscated. I am a ruined man. I have some forty thousand francs with me—the money is at your disposal to cover your expenditures for the labors I am praying you to undertake. Why do I come to you? Because you are the last resource and the only hope left me; because I would do anything and everything to save

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