Under the Big Dipper

this girl and——”

Morton was about to interrupt, but the old man, trembling violently, collapsed in his seat. Recovering himself slowly he reached for the large portfolio and opening it, slowly and almost mechanically fingered and folded the papers within it.

Morton watched him, stern and wide-eyed, resolved to remain calm and patient.

In a low voice, made the more impressive by its gentleness, the Count spoke:

“Forgive my vehemence—my insistence. I must employ every means at hand. I have not told you all; I have not told you the full depth of my despair. With the Princess Marie Louise is my little daughter—my only child. The child of my love—my pride, my only reward in this world—the child of my beloved wife! Here is a letter of hers, written but a few weeks before the awful events. A letter full of love and happiness—she did not

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