Under the Big Dipper

then dream of the fearful days that were to come! When I left Holstein to follow my prince to a new and promising life, I had the plighted word of a beautiful girl to join me whenever I called her. In time my beloved came to me. We lived in a strange country, among strange people and stranger gods; but we lived in joy and love, making a heaven for us in this new land! When, after some years, our child came, our lovely little girl, my dear wife had heart and love for us both. She brought up this child of our affection, the only child God gave us, as only love can! Her own goodness is reproduced in the child—her beauty of heart and mind, her loving ways—all live again in her daughter! Five years ago she—died, leaving our child to my care. And now, here I am, a man with one foot in the grave—feeble and useless—thousands of miles away from my child—her child. My God! what——”

The old diplomat’s head fell upon his arms, amongst

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