Under the Big Dipper

mind and distress the heart? What was this young woman or this princess to him that he should wait a moment before deciding? A refusal, prompt and emphatic—surely that was the only proper answer to make! Was the old man acting in good faith or was he, perhaps, staging this whole business, in order to entangle him into a foolhardy enterprise! What would his father say? What would mother think? What would his little sister—ah! his little sister, a girl like this girl! His throat felt dry and contracted, as if a cord had been tightened about his neck.

Good God! And if he declined—would he ever get rid of the awful thought that these girls might have been helped—and he had failed them? Could he ever look any woman in the face without thinking of the fate of these two gently reared women? A cold perspiration beaded his forehead and face. With an effort he rose from his seat and strode toward the old man, who sat

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