Under the Big Dipper


“Your Excellency, that is exactly what I mean. I shall undertake it—and by Jove—if it can be done, I’ll do it! And now, lie down for an hour or so. You must rest so that we can go ahead with our plans. I must learn all I can about the lay of the land—and I guess time counts more than anything else, right now?”

Gently pushing his host, who had tried to rise, into the seat, he said, “I’ll send your man to you.”

“My dear sir, my dear boy! Permit me to call you that for once—you have made me very happy! I feel confident you will succeed if any man can. I already have a plan—but you are right, I must pull myself together first and be ready for the work. Please, ring for my man and—in an hour I shall be at your disposal.”

“Good, let’s shake hands on it. Call me anything you please. I am proud you have chosen me. Don’t you worry; we’ll beat the entire crazy outfit—and I will have

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