Under the Big Dipper

gold—for Roumelia.

He was to obtain all the information available about Roumelia, collect newspaper articles on Roumelian affairs beginning with October fifteenth, tabulate them so that they could go over them quickly, and get information about the best train connections with Bucharest. Morton would need the help of an American Consul. Don must induce the Consul at Rome or Naples to come to Brindisi to meet him, Morton. Morton would explain things later. Passports good for all the Balkan states, and especially Roumelia, would be needed. Also introductory letters to American Consuls and to such men of standing as the consul or the agents of the firm could influence.

Don’s face had, during this recital, been assuming a more and more puzzled expression. “Is it all on the level, Mr. John?” he asked. “It sounds kind o’ crazy.”

John grunted: “It’s all right enough; just wait until

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