Under the Big Dipper

you know why.”

Don was further instructed to obtain a full equipment for three men—four rifles, revolvers and ammunition—all of the best make. A camp outfit for five or six people, rugs, furs, tools, canned meats and provender for horses for ten days.

Don looked so astonished that Morton couldn’t suppress a grin. He decided to take his man further into his confidence, and impressed him with the need of discretion.

Once Don had the outline of the “job” clearly in his mind, he looked relieved. Morton knew now that all his instructions would be obeyed to the letter, and that he was certain of a faithful adherent. Don’s interest took on an enthusiasm which showed that he was eager for the adventure. The primitive man in him had begun to assert itself. He would do and dare anything.

When everything had been agreed upon and settled

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