Under the Big Dipper

to their satisfaction, Morton dismissed his man and returned to the Count in his cabin. He found the old man feeling much better—the eyes were brighter and the tone of his voice stronger. He was glad that Morton had come because he was anxious to lay out the plans of action.

He informed Morton that he had cabled to his friend in Constantinople asking further information and expected a reply the next morning. When he was told that Donald was going to Brindisi ahead of them, he was pleased—that would gain time, he thought.

Mr. Morton was to go to Kronstadt in Transylvania, only a short distance from the Roumelian border and equip there. A good priest of that town, a faithful and well-informed man, would be of great help to him. His good will was assured—he was under obligation to the Count and could be relied on. With native guides and helpers obtained there—men that knew the country

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