Under the Big Dipper

highly gifted population descended from peoples who have lived under liberal laws for many generations, inhabiting a virtually virgin land of great resources, without a history of oppression to live down—you are capable of existing and prospering under a democracy. Believe me, my dear sir, Roumelia never could and never will survive under a similar form of government. The novelty may appeal to them, the delusion of a new kind of freedom may delude them, but the people are not educated for it, they are not ready for it. They need the pomp of a court, the strong personality of an acknowledged ruler to temper demagogue ambitions and to curb the desire of the common mind to become enriched at the expense of the country. There must be some one who is above bribery, who will not be swayed by selfish motives but who has the public welfare at heart—such a man can only be the king. His position is God’s gift; and he is responsible to his Maker alone! A

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