Under the Big Dipper

republican form of government in the Balkans! My dear sir, it would be a farce, were it not a tragedy!”

Morton made no reply, and Count Rondell crossed his legs and leaned further back in his chair.

“My dear Mr. Morton,” he said, with a plaintive smile, “may I speak my mind to you? I cannot explain it, but I was drawn to you from the first. You are a man whose kind I have always loved and admired—perhaps it is because we do not raise the like in my own country. I wish I had a son like you!”

“Count, I am proud of your esteem and regard.”

“My dear boy!” and impulsively the Count pressed Morton’s hand. “I am very, very happy and feel certain you will succeed. Save my beloved daughter and the noble Princess—and, perhaps, save also Roumelia from herself and her abominations.”

“At present, Count Rondell, it will be well if I think less of politics or kings and more of the two ladies who

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