Under the Big Dipper

statesman—he would be worthy of the trust imposed in him and would succeed.

Again the likeness of the beautiful girl came before him. An overwhelming desire to see the photograph once more seized him. With the instinctive cunning of a lover, he remarked: “Bye-the-bye, Count, you will, of course, furnish me with proper credentials.”

“Certainly. The letters I shall have ready for you are carefully listed on the memorandum I have prepared for you. I shall also ask you to take this ring. It will vouch for you with all my friends and followers. When showing it say the words, ‘Arnim’s pledge.’ And I must also give you the photographs of the young ladies.”

Count Rondell, to Morton’s delight, reached for the portfolio and opened its quaint and curious lock.

“This I think is the best likeness of the three I have with me,” and he handed over the very photograph Morton had first seen. “I shall have a copy of it made

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