Under the Big Dipper

the sick man from his bed. Rising quickly he excused himself and, promising to look in early the next morning, he retired to his own cabin. There he learned that Donald had completed his packing, and was ready for the journey.

He at once sat down and wrote a letter to his father’s agents at Brindisi introducing Don and giving him full power to act in his stead, and requesting them to aid his representative in every way they could. Don was to be given such funds as he needed and instructions to this effect would come from headquarters by cable.

To his father he cabled: “Will leave England second week November. Will advise steamer. Take care yourself, love all. Please approve by cable heavy drafts on your agents Rome, Brindisi. Am well.”

To his mother: “Cable Hindoostan Port Said and later Brindisi father’s health. Can I stay in Europe two weeks longer? Love.”

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