Under the Big Dipper

might have arrived for him. He learned that all his orders and instructions had been properly carried out and, what was more pleasing, that none of the cables or letters awaiting him called for any alterations in the plans he had made with Count Rondell.

Learning that a fast train left Brindisi for the North in a couple of hours, he gave Donald his final instructions and the letters he had prepared for him and saw him off for Kronstadt, promising to meet him there the day after his arrival.

With his agent Morton then went to the hotel and met the American Consul who had come from Naples to offer his services. The Consul turned out to be a pleasant and bright young man who was fairly well acquainted with the Balkan countries. He provided Morton with passports and letters of introduction to American Consuls in the section which he expected to visit. He suggested that Morton should travel under his

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