Under the Big Dipper

leave. The doctor also had come in and whispered that the patient was being overtaxed. Morton therefore rose:

“Count Rondell, my dear friend, I know what is in your mind. Let me assure you, that come what may, I shall do my best to look after your daughter. If you should not be here to protect her—I will. If she does not find a suitable home at the court,—I shall bring her to my mother, who will be her friend. Have no anxiety, dear friend. Think only of yourself—think only of getting well again. But, again, whatever happens she will never want a friend so long as I live.” He reached for the sick man’s hand and as a final word, said earnestly, “I will succeed.”

Count Rondell’s eyes had been closed while Morton was speaking. He now opened them wide, and a wan, happy smile irradiated his face. He pressed with feverish clasp the hand held out to him and whispered rather than spoke: “May God reward you, my son. If I get

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