Under the Big Dipper

well—I shall be your debtor for life; if I die before your return—I shall die happy. May God bless you, my boy—Good-bye!”

“Au revoir, Count—be of good courage and get well!”

Morton withdrew hastily, afraid to trust himself any longer because of the stress of his emotions, and glad to relieve his mind in discussing the final arrangements for the Count’s care with Dr. Brown. To his agent, who was also waiting in the hotel, he entrusted the moneys the Count had given him with the request that they be deposited at the local branch of the “Banca Nationale” in the name and to the order of the Count. He was to draw on Morton’s funds for all that was needed for the Count’s comfort and to stop at no expense, if necessary.

Leaving the hotel, he threaded his way through the narrow and crowded streets and arrived at the railway station, very tired and hungry. A nearby osteria invited

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