Under the Big Dipper
confirmation by cable from you and father. Of course I am very happy that dear father’s ailment (I can’t imagine what it can be) is not serious and fervently hope that you will be getting him into fine shape soon. I hope by the time I get home, he will be his old self again. I am equally glad that you and Ruth are well and happy. As to myself—physically I am disgracefully fine, mentally I have nothing to worry me. I am more than anxious to get home, to embrace you and kiss you, and tell you of my work, my adventures, and what I have learned and done. I want to settle down, do anything you want me to do, mater dear, either in business, in society or even as a husband! Yes, dear mother, I am willing to do what you always hinted I should do—take unto myself a wife, emulate father’s example and be a good American business man and—a “paterfamilias.” I didn’t intend to write all this, but since the cat is out o’ the bag, I may as well confess it. I can imagine you now going over the list of eligible girls; for of course there isn’t a girl living who would not jump at the chance of marrying your boy, your
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