Under the Big Dipper
handsome John—all we have to do is to pick the best! Seriously, mother, I feel it is time for me to cease wandering and to look for happiness and satisfaction in a home. It is time for me to be a true Morton (tempered, of course, with the blue blood of the Randolphs) and try my best to carry out father’s wishes and work with him. I have seen and learned a great deal, but all that I have learned only confirms me in my conviction that all work is ennobling, that all true labor is equally honorable to a man. And I will do all I can to make you proud of me. I am going to show you a trick or two! So you’d better sit up and take notice! To come back to the subject of girls—don’t smile, mater—I have gotten a glimpse of a girl I want to know better. If she is what I believe her to be, I shall try to win her. If all goes well, and my ideal is realized—I am sure, dearest mother, you will love her. I do not think I can lose my heart to one not worthy of your regard, and I am too much your son not to have my judgment swayed by feelings and sentiments like yours. My taste has never been impugned—I must take after father, who
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