Under the Big Dipper

sent by him.” Had the gracious gentleman, however, brought any letters from his noble patron the Count, the priest humbly asked.

John handed him a letter from Rondell and showed the ring. Immediately the priest’s attitude took on an even more friendly and courteous manner.

“If you are not too tired after your lengthy journey, perhaps you will come upstairs where we can be more comfortable and private.”

Morton bowed. The priest led the way back to the foyer and whispered a few words to the old woman who was standing near the door with her withered hands complacently folded. She retired at once.

“Pardon me,” remarked the priest as they were ascending the creaking stairs, “but our people are inquisitive and somewhat given to gossip.” John smiled his understanding.

Morton was then ushered into a well-lighted room,

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