Under the Big Dipper

the sombre walls of which were lined with well-filled book-cases, above which hung a number of paintings of religious subjects. When they were comfortably seated, Father Moskar begged his visitor to speak as frankly as he wished of all that he desired him to know.

From a little closet he brought out a couple of goblets, a bottle of golden wine and filled the two glasses. On the table was a box of cigars which he pushed over to his guest. The ice thus broken, Morton entered on his subject while the old priest listened most attentively, taking in every word said to him. When Morton had concluded, the old man said quickly:

“Herr Morton—I will do everything in my power—but do not tell me your plans. It will be better if I am not in your confidence. Count Arnim has told you that you could rely on me. I am honored; but it will be wiser if I act according to your instructions without being acquainted with your reasons. As I understand, your

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