Under the Big Dipper

man, Herr McCormick, is now at the wagoner’s, who is one of my flock. He will be well served there. I am expecting, at any moment, the arrival of another member of my congregation—a certain Papiu Ilarian, who knows well both the mountains of our land and those south of the divide. He speaks German, Roumelian and Bulgarian well; he has been a soldier and knows how to obey; he is also strong, hardy and reliable. After I have talked with Ilarian, you will find him ready to do anything you ask from him. On receipt of the letter your man brought me, I thought it well to attend to a few of the preliminaries. At the wagoner’s you will find horses bred in our own hills and inured to the mountains. The wagoner has ready what you require and you will find he will deal honestly with you. I shall pray for you and the success of your venture. Ach—I hear the voice of Ilarian—pray permit me to see him alone first. Kindly make yourself at home.”

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