Under the Big Dipper

about the character of the work to be performed. You may rely on him. He has a younger brother, Mihai, lately a resident of Roumelia, who can also be hired, if you wish. He vouches for him. Mihai, however, speaks very little German, but he is quick and bold. I have sworn Papiu to obey and follow you. He wishes to shake hands with you to bind the agreement. If you will shake hands with him, Herr Morton—the oath to me will have been transferred to you. I will leave you together now and will return when you call me.”

He bowed gravely and passed through the door silently.

Morton had been scrutinizing the face of the guide while Father Moskar was speaking. Not a muscle of it moved, nor did he stir an inch from his rigid upright posture. The small, intelligent eyes looked at Morton steadily with calm assurance.

Morton rose and offered his hand with a hearty

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