Under the Big Dipper

gesture. Papiu seized it in a vice-like grip. Morton felt the man would be as true as steel.

“Papiu, when we get back, I shall pay you liberally, and if we are successful, I shall make you rich!”

“Herr von Moorton—a bargain is a bargain. I am your man and you are my master. Whatever your nobleness orders—Papiu will do.”

Looking boldly into Morton’s face, he continued: “And my brother, he is good with horses, quick with the rifle, has eye like a hawk and knows Roumelia and the people. If I hire him for you, he will swear—and his oath is good. You pay him the same money and give his sweetheart a present when we come back—Mihai will help good.”

“Very well, Papiu, tell him he is engaged. And now—let us go and look up the wagoner, where my friend waits for us. Do you know him?”

“I have seen him judging the horses. He looks good

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