Under the Big Dipper

and strong and is kind to the beasts. He comes with us, he my friend.”

“Good, Papiu, let’s go then.”

Morton had a very busy time of it during the rest of the forenoon. He found Donald waiting for him and with his and Papiu’s help, they made the necessary purchases and loaded the wagon. The things he had shipped from Italy had been delivered and were also included in the load.

During a frugal meal partaken of in the smithy, Morton arranged that he would start early that very afternoon by the regular train for Bucharest, in his assumed character of prospective investor and buyer of blooded horses. Donald and the two brothers were to leave next morning with the vehicle and the relay horses. They were to join him on Saturday at Padina, where they would make arrangements for relay horses and prepare a safe stopping place a night’s drive beyond

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