Under the Big Dipper

would be the outcome of this enterprise—an enterprise so suddenly put to him and so suddenly entered on. Surely it would end well! Nay, it must end well. Putting all doubts out of his mind, he made his way to Father Moskar’s rectory. He thanked the old priest heartily for his kindness and promised to come back and tell him the result of his undertaking. The old man gave him his blessing in return.

At the depot he found his train waiting. It was made up of a number of baggage cars and but one car for passengers. Finding a comfortable seat, he amused himself in watching the conductor, in resplendent uniform, running alongside the train as he kept blowing energetically through a little horn the signal to the engineer to start. Soon the labored puffing of the locomotive told him that he was at last on his way. It was a wearisome journey, all up-grade, through deep cuts and over widely stretched viaducts; but he was too

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