Under the Big Dipper


Everything was found to be in order. The gendarme, made happy by the gift of a cigar, ushered Morton into another car on a side-track. A shrill blast and the train moved slowly out. Soon the descent began and the rapid motion roused Morton to his surroundings. It was a truly magnificent sight to behold. White peak on white peak gleamed in the brilliant golden light of the afternoon sun. Then came rounded hills and after these the sharper contours of the Alpine range; and before he had had time to take it all in, the train had entered the rolling meadows and glades of the Great Danubian plain.

The splendid panorama had passed and Morton’s interest subsided. He leaned back against the leather upholstery of the compartment once more alone with his thoughts. Occasionally the conductor would look in at the window from the stepping board on the outside

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