Under the Big Dipper

of the car and nod pleasantly to him. Morton would return the greeting automatically and resume his meditations. Yes, he was learning, and learning fast. In the desert from which he had but lately stepped out, so to speak, a man was measured by his offensive or defensive value—whether he would protect himself or be a danger to others. In the countries of civilization, he was similarly appraised, although in terms of social standing or money. In this isolated Transylvania, however, into which he had come, he had found a difference. Here was a loyalty founded on faith in human nature and religion. Father Moskar had gently but firmly declined even his offer of a contribution for the poor; while the two rough men had refused more than their just wages for their services. How different were these from those he had known in his past life! Nay, how different even from himself! Why had he undertaken this enterprise? He could not help

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