Under the Big Dipper

and in a disguised and uneducated hand, on plain paper, was addressed to Sig. Jacobo Rosen, Casa Cornu, Via Colomba, Padina. Rosen was the name of the Jewish merchant recommended by Count Rondell.

Hon. Sig. Rosen:— Your friend, the good Sig. Nimar, the merchant returning from India, Arabia and Egypt, was taken seriously ill in Italy and could not come in person. He has heard from Constantinople and so as to admit settlement of the business pending between yourselves has requested and empowered me to act for him. I shall be in your town to-morrow evening intending to purchase horses from the Olata ranch for export. I desire to buy the two famous mares about which Sig. Nimar spoke to me. Upon my arrival I shall call upon you and ask you to arrange the affairs of your friend so that I can conclude my business at an early date. I have moneys with me and papers. I shall stop at the “Bovu Oru.” Most Respectfully, John R. Morton.

This letter he enclosed in a soiled envelope.

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