Under the Big Dipper

The second letter, written on the hotel’s paper and with a fine pen, was addressed to his father at 210 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, U. S. A.:

Bucharest, October ——, 189—. Dear Father:— I arrived here to-night, and immediately got into touch with the Consul, Mr. J. S. Bronson, and through him with an attorney, Sig. Andra Jonescu, whose card I herewith enclose. He was recommended to me as the best lawyer on affairs of land titles, etc., and looks and acts like a capable business man. He understands English well and you can correspond with him directly. I have paid him his retainer and he will make a preliminary report shortly. I am going to try to get some good percherons from the “Olata” ranch—our own strain will stand some new blood. If I secure any good animals I will try and ship them while I am here. Everything appears to me to be quite normal; transfer of titles would be perfectly legal and all acts of the de facto government will stand test, I am told. We should have no difficulty in dealing either with owners of land or the

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