Under the Big Dipper
administration. Of course, I shall act with due caution and have some official of high rank confirm this before acting finally. The government, I am told, would welcome the investment of foreign capital in land and industries and will give both protection and guarantee. I am well and have enjoyed the trip. I will not remain longer than the business requires. I might get a chance at some good shooting (there is fine game to be had in the mountains and in the Delta), in which case I may prolong my stay a few days. If I don’t get to Paris by November 20th, will cable. With love to dear mother and Ruth, I am, dear father, Your loving son, John.

Putting on his coat and cap, John walked down to the foyer, and having learned from the gloriously arrayed and imposing chief porter the location of the nearest mail box, he leisurely sauntered toward it.

The street was totally deserted, not even a lighted shop window was to be seen. This surprised him. He had been told that Bucharest was known as the “Paris of

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