Under the Big Dipper

countersign, ‘Arnim’s pledge.’”

“Want to take two girls out for a long drive.”

He handed the paper back to the Jew, who never ceased from talking and gesticulating while he glanced quickly at the replies Morton had written. Morton took the Count’s ring from an inner pocket and held it out in the light. Rosen bowed courteously.

“All is well!” he said in low, clear tones. “To-morrow morning at nine walk along the street to your right, and under the third tree after passing the corner you will see a small boy in a red cap, playing. When he sees you, he will walk off. Follow him. He will enter a doorway. Pass through after him. Twenty paces further you will see an open gate in a high wall. Pass through that also and bolt the gate after you. To your right in the garden, you will find a green door. It will be unlocked; enter, and if anyone asks you your business say you want to see Sig. Rosen about the rare old crucifix he offered you. My

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