Under the Big Dipper

will hold life until the next fit of this awful fever consumes it finally. Dr. Saklava has more experience in enteric fevers than anyone in this province; he is both competent and skillful in the knowledge and treatment of all native diseases. You could not have had a better physician. Your friend will pass away with the next attack. He will regain consciousness and there can be no harm in speaking to him. But after his fever returns he will be delirious—and in his weakened state neither drug nor cold bath nor nurse can avail. Do you wish me to watch with you beside your young friend, Count Rondell?”

“No, Major, I think I will remain alone with him and save him the shock of seeing too many strange faces upon his awakening. He doesn’t know of my presence, if you remember. Will you gentlemen kindly remain within hearing?”

“Certainly, my lord; when you want us, pray call.”

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