Under the Big Dipper

“It will help you, perhaps, to know that my father has always been very close to—to Miss Helène’s father. They were friends for many years. Father is a very learned and wise man, Herr Morton, and very brave and loyal. Once he is your friend, he is always your friend. You can rely on my father. He will be here shortly. He is absent on purpose. He did not want to be in when you called, so as to put off suspicion.”

Morton could not help admiring the fine poise and keen mind of this remarkable young woman—seemingly a child in years, but a woman in sense. “You and your father should come to my country, Miss Rosen. Your father’s talents would be recognized there, and you also, with your wit and beauty. In my country, your people are powerful and honored. Persuade your father, won’t you? If he needs help I will help him.”

“Thank you, Herr Morton; but I hear some one coming. It is Miss Helène.”

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