Under the Big Dipper

Rachel bounded up and was through the door in a flash. In that moment, however, he realized whom he was to meet. He stood up, his heart beating, and waited. He had not to wait long, for the curtain was pushed aside and the lovely face of the photograph was framed in the doorway.

The clear, mellowed light which filtered through the lace curtains of the windows fell full on the sweet countenance and revealed the slender figure as it stood against the velvet background of the portières. Miss Rosen had thought it best not to come in with her.

The door behind the curtains closed with a gentle click. She came toward the center of the room and leaned one hand against the table whilst the other timidly rested upon her bosom, which was rising and falling in her agitation.

Morton’s gaze was riveted on her. He saw as in a vision the pale face of soft contour, the delicate nose

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