Under the Big Dipper

Rosen suggested that Morton and his men should pass as smugglers. Tobacco smuggling was quite common over the border, and the guards were amenable to the persuasive power of gold. “It’s the yellow metal, Herr Morton,” remarked Rosen with a smile, “and not paper, that will get you across.”

Morton said that he would see to it that he had a sufficient supply of this with him.

These matters having been settled to both their satisfactions, John begged Rosen to instruct his daughter to purchase a proper outfit for the young ladies—an outfit proper for the journey and at the same time befit their station in life. Rosen promised to see to that, and the two men parted for the day.

The late noon found John at his hostelry partaking of an excellently cooked dinner served in the most primitive fashion. He then drove out to the Olata ranch, where he purchased several fine horses and

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