Under the Big Dipper

arranged for their removal on the following Monday. His man, he told the horsedealer, could call for them and pay the balance of the purchase price.

John had now done everything that would bear out the statement he had made as to the purpose of his visit to Roumelia. He was satisfied that there would be no cause for suspicion. He would retire early, since it was imperative he should be fully prepared for what had to be done the next day. The morning would find Donald and the men in Padina, and he must be up betimes to give them their instructions for the evening.

The man he had seen drinking in the tap-room the night before was sitting in the same place busily engaged eating. As before, he took no notice of the stranger in English clothes, and John was well satisfied that it should be so. Evidently, the authorities were still deeply interested in him.

The windows rattled from a strong wind which had

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