Under the Big Dipper

dash and, if the worst came to the worst, fight for it. Well, he would be ready even for that, though he hoped sincerely it would not come to that.

But another doubt assailed him. Would the Princess be willing to take the step? Confound the Princess! He would compel her to go. He would not permit himself to stand on ceremony, now that everything had been arranged.

Morton hurried below and found a stupid-looking lout sweeping the tap-room floor. The door of the inn stood open, and a cold damp wind was blowing into the room. He stepped out and saw with satisfaction that it was raining heavily, with a cold east wind blowing in sharp gusts. Returning to the room he inquired of the servant if his breakfast was ready; but the man looked at him blankly with unintelligent bovine eyes. Evidently he was not understood. Resorting to signs he finally got the fellow to catch his meaning, for he ceased dusting

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