Under the Big Dipper

and began to lay the table.

From the back part of the inn came now the sound of wheels rumbling on cobblestones. John realized that this must mean the arrival of Papiu. Stepping quickly through the hallway to the rear exit he saw the very man alighting from a primitive and cumbersome conveyance, the wheels of which would have supported a six-inch gun. Papiu took no notice of John, but kept looking at the sky and examining the house. Morton caught his cue from the man’s actions and returned to the tap-room, where he found his breakfast waiting for him. A few minutes later Papiu entered, dripping wet, and, seating himself by the table adjoining the one at which John was eating, called loudly for the waiter. The landlord, in shirt-sleeves and leather apron, appeared now on the scene, and after exchanging a few words withdrew to attend to Papiu’s requirements.

Immediately they were alone, the driver leaned over

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