Under the Big Dipper

Roumelia for some time to look after Count Rondell’s affairs as best he could.

A discreet knock and Rachel whispered: “The Comtesse is awaiting Mr. Morton in the sitting room.” Morton rose at once and made his way to the room.

Helène stood near the window, apparently in deep thought. She was dressed in the identical garments she had worn the day before, but she looked even paler than then. Evidently she had spent a restless night. Her eyes were heavy, with dark rings around them; but the blue in them was a glimpse of heaven to Morton. She returned his cheery greetings with a wan smile and in words scarcely above a whisper.

John placed a chair and begged her to be seated. He told her of the success their preparations had so far met with and assured her smilingly that all would go well. What had the Princess said?

Helène sat and looked as if she were not listening to

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