Under the Big Dipper

“Do not blame Her Highness, Mr. Morton. She has had much to bear. She has been waiting, hoping, expecting news from her brother, the Prince, who was abroad when the dreadful upheaval came. She has not heard a word, and she is almost distracted. She cannot believe that she is alone now—that she has no friends any more. And I don’t know how to convince her.”

Morton had recovered himself. He no longer felt any commiseration for the Princess but instead an overpowering resentment filled him. Was this girl to be sacrificed to satisfy an hysterical weakling of a Princess? Once the Comtesse returned to the castle, she would be a prisoner for the day, and the arrangements for the evening would have been made for nothing. Why, it was absurd, ridiculous! Confound all Princesses! He must take things in his own hands now.

His face flushing he rose and planted himself firmly before Helène. “Comtesse, under the circumstances

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