Under the Big Dipper

there is but one thing to do. I am ready now, this very minute, as ready as I shall ever be. In half an hour the team will be here. You will get into it just as you are and we shall start north at once! The Princess has chosen, and we—we cannot be expected to sit down and wait for Providence or a miracle! I shall call Herr Rosen.”

He expected, nay, dreaded, a breakdown and a flood of tears. But in place of hysterics, he met a woman as determined and as proud as himself.

Helène rose, her eyes flashing, her face pink with indignation.

“How dare you, sir, speak of Her Highness in that manner! How dare you take advantage of my helplessness! I am a Rondell, sir, and a Rondell has never forsaken his king. My duty and my choice are with the Princess. Permit me, sir, to retire.”

John was dumbfounded. This was worse than anything he had even dreamed of. Good God, she must

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