Under the Big Dipper

“My Prince, I beseech you, do not speak thus of yourself! Let us forget what has passed and look forward to what is to come. I am glad to have found you, so glad to be with you. Now, all will be, must be, well!”

“No—no, my dearest friend and guardian. No—there is nothing to look forward to. I feel that the end has come. I know I shall never again see my loved ones, my land, my king. I knew it when they brought me here. Ill as I was, I was not unconscious. How long have I been lying here? Raise my head so that I may look at you well—and, pray, be seated!”

The Count gently adjusted the head and sat down.

For some moments not a word was spoken, then the young man broke the stillness:

“Dear General, I have given you and all the world a great deal of trouble, have I not? It will be all over and done with soon—pray, don’t grieve, don’t worry. What difference will it make to the world or to our Roumelia

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