Under the Big Dipper

exit on the further side. With an affectionate pressure of Helène’s hand and a kiss on the sleeve of the Princess’s cloak, she murmured her parting wishes.

Once more they were in the rain, but this time sheltered from view by the walls of the garden. Donald walked ahead, lantern in hand, and opened the gate for the girls to pass through. Behind them came Morton alert and ready.

In a few minutes they arrived at the place where the wagon stood waiting. Quickly lifting the Princess, he whispered to her to lie down on the right. Then turning to Helène he gently passed her in bidding her lie to the left. The next instant the blackness of the cart’s interior had swallowed him also, and the vehicle rumbled and splashed its way as if it were being driven to market. Don alone remained without, walking rapidly by its side and searching intently to the right and left.

The girls huddled close together, and lay with their

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