Under the Big Dipper

arms about each other. The rain beat down on the canvas covering, drowning all other sounds; only occasionally could they hear the crunching of the wheels rolling clumsily over the roughly paved road. It was with difficulty that they kept themselves from falling on one side or the other. As they were wondering what might happen, they heard the voice of Morton raised above the din, assuring them, in German, that everything was going well; they need have no anxiety. He would light the lantern after they had put the town gate behind them. He had barely finished speaking when the wagon gave a great lurch and bounded forward with a fearful clatter. They had entered the main road leading out of the town, an abominably paved causeway which seemed to have been made for preventing anyone either leaving the place or coming into it. It was with the utmost difficulty that John could now make himself heard but he managed to

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