Under the Big Dipper

convey to the girls the information as to where they were and that they would soon arrive at the gate. It would be necessary for them to keep perfectly quiet, until that danger was passed.

Helène held on to the hand of the Princess, whispering endearing and encouraging words. She knew that Morton would protect them at all hazards, even though she could not see him. He had shown her that he was neither a man to be trifled with nor one to give in at the first difficulty. Her thoughts of him were of confidence; she remembered the appealing words he had spoken to her that morning. He was brave, or her father would not have sent him, and he must be good or her father would not have trusted him.

The wagon rumbled less now, and the driver could be heard speaking to his horses. The wheels crunched the gravel more heavily as they turned more slowly, and the next moment they had come to a halt. Soon voices

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